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What's Your Face Shape?

Do you belong to the oval crew?

Oval Face Shape

About Oval Faces

Having an oval shaped face is great because you can pull off almost all of our frames! Having an oval shaped face means your face is more narrow then it is wide. Your face is balanced well and gracefully follows threw to your jaw line. Most glasses fit you well because you have a very symmetrical face so HAVE FUN! Be unique! Trust us, you can pull them all off!

Try: Baffle, Ballast, Efficacy, Kelvin, Bayonet

Round is always good!

Round Face Shape

About Round Faces

Curvy is always better! Your face is highlighted by their curves, often feature round cheeks and a smooth jaw angle. The length and width are very proportional. This face shape is often wide at the cheeks and fullness below the cheekbones.

Find Glasses that add angels and sharpness such as square or rectangular frames. Like we've always heard OPPOSITES ATTRACT! Lets have fun and find the right pair of Foor Eyes for you!

Try: Baffle, Cornice, Halide, Louver, Bayonet

We love the heart.

Heart Face Shape

About Heart Faces

If your face shape is heart your forehead is most likely the widest part of your face and narrows down to a pointy chin. You most likely have a big heart so it translated to your face shape! Lets show off those high cheekbones with thinner temple frames that are a tad wider than your forehead. You can try all of our frames, but try and avoid frames with a heavy brow line

Try: Ballast, Argon, Valance, Opaque, Tochiere

We're a oblong way from home.

Square Face Shape

About Square Faces

If your face resembles the shape of an oval, you most likely have a oblong face type. Your face is longer then it is wide. Oblong faces are long, slim, and tappers toward a narrow chin. Much like oval faces, oblong faces can rock almost any frame. Try adding angles with square or rectangular frames.

Try: Filament, Kelvin, Lumen, Canopy, Mogal

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