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Does your job require you to stare at a computer for the majority of the day? If so, you might experience the harsh reality of leaving your desk, looking in the mirror, and realizing your eyes are blood shot . That is your eyes telling you that they are experiencing digital eye strain and its time to take a break from looking at your computer screen. Our Lens will create the perfect harmony between blue light and your eyes, getting rid of those red eyes! Now that your informed what the problem is, lets introduce the solution! 

our handmade blue light frames

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Blue Light Is Our Main Focus, And That's Why We Do It Better Than The Rest.


Our proprietary lens has embedded Blue Light filtering material inside. This allows it to remain both clear and effective, particularly filtering out the highest energy wavelengths


All our frames are made from premium materials, like Italian acetate and German Engineered Monel. We're going to be honest we put way to much time into designing our glasses. We just want you to look goooood.


Our goal is to make sure you are protected from the harmful Blue Light you are exposed to all day everyday. No need to go through your day with any of the symptoms from Blue Light. WE GOT YOU!.