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Get Rid of Unusual Sleep Patterns

"Blue Light that's emitted from these screens
can delay the release of sleep-inducing
melatonin, increase alertness, and reset the
body's internal clock. " - Sleep Foundation

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Tablet Without Blue Light Protection

Lenses Without Blue Light Protection

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Lenses With Blue Light Protection

The Problem

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Blue Light has been long connect with disruption in sleep patterns. More specifically people who like to catch up on their favorite TV shows, catch up on some emails, or scroll on your phone before bed. Blue light is important for our sleep pattern. When the sun rises the blue light lets us know its time to wake up. When the sun is going down and blue light is not being omitted it lets our body know its time to start producing melatonin and get our body ready for sleep.

Blue Light Unfiltered
The Solution

Foor Eyes Glasses

Over exposure of Blue Light at night can confuse our bodies and stop producing melatonin making it harder to get a good nights rest. Our lens is the perfect solution of harmony Foor Eyes and Blue Light. Use our glasses at night to produce a good nights sleep and more energy when you wake up!

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Blue Light Filtered

So What Are The Stats?

59% Of Americans Experience Eye Strain

People Experience Eye Strain

80% Of Americans Use Blue Light Emitting Devices For Over Two Hours Daily

Use Blue Light Emitting Devices For Over 2 Hours Daily

76% Of Americans Are Unaware That Blue Light Protection Glasses Exist

Are Unaware That Blue Light Protection Glasses Exist

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Blue Light is Everywhere

We are exposed to blue light daily from numerous sources including: sunlight, lightbulbs (fluorescent, incandescent lights and LED), digital screens (TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets), and other electronic devices.

Blue Light Sources
The Truth

Everyone is Impacted

Since blue light is everywhere and almost unavoidable, the majority of people are affected but unaware of the long-lasting effects.

70% Of Children's Screen Time Exceeds Two Hours Daily
70% Of Children's Screen Time Exceeds 2 Hours Daily
67% Of Americans Use More Than Two Devices Daily
67% Americans Use More than 2 Devices Daily
Jobs Impacted By Blue Light

What People
Are Saying

  • After working behind a computer for hours, my eyes would become red and very tired. After one day of wearing my Foor Eyes glasses, my blue light symptoms were relieved!

    Shannon Brady
  • After about 4 hours of gaming, I could feel my eyes become sore and strained. With my Foor Eyes glasses, I can game for much longer without my eyes getting tired.

    Micheal Helmz
  • I didn't know Blue Light was the reason why it was hard for me to get a good night's sleep. Now, I wear my glasses while I watch TV before I go to bed and I can sleep much better!

    John Manguo

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Eye Strain

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